Company News...

The Sale of Baked Goods
Comp-unications recently completed a project with a company to develop an incentive plan to increase the sale of baked goods. The plan focused on sales revenue and profit margin.

Partnering with a Law Firm
Comp-unications recently partnered with a law firm in conducting an FLSA compliance review.  As a bi-product of the process, the client was able to develop more accurate job descriptions and to discuss job design issues from both a legal and a human resources management perspective.

Private High School
A private high-school asked Comp-unications for assistance in creating new pay scales for the teaching staff.  The process involved meeting with teachers to discuss pay issues.

Bio-Sciences Company
Comp-unications is leading an effort to introduce a pay plan that will offer pay growth opportunities based on learning and applying new skills on the production floor.

Construction Company
Sharing success is the goal of this company.  While management has always been willing to provide bonuses to employees, the goal of this project was to make the determination and distribution of bonuses more effective. 

Alcoholic Beverage Distributor
This client has engaged Comp-unications to review the review the FLSA status of employees in various jobs.  Relevant information will be collected using available job descriptions and employee interviews.
Innovative Electronics Company
Comp-unications recently completed an executive compensation study for a regional electronics company.  The next project we will be working on is a company-wide, productivity incentive plan, which will support management's objective to encourage more cooperation throughout the Company.
Pharmaceutical Company
A pharmaceutical company in the New York Metropolitan area has decided to implement a new MBO program for its management team.  Comp-unications is managing the project, which will represent a significant cultural shift for the Company once completed.
Merger of Two Power Generation Companies
A merger of two power generation companies has produced a need to integrate the pay practices and pay levels of two different organizations.  Comp-unications has been asked to help resolve issues relating to internal pay equity and external market competitiveness.  The new company will have over 2,000 employees and operates in many states.
Large Credit Union
Comp-unications has been asked to re-construct the base pay program for a large credit union in New York City.  The new plan will be based on current market information and will reflect the dynamic needs for attracting and retaining employees in such a competitive area.
Defense Contractor
A defense contractor located in New Jersey has identified a need to restructure its pay plans for exempt and non-exempt employees.  The Company operates with technology that is highly specialized and wishes to improve its ability to retain the talent that it develops from within.
Distributor of Design Fabrics and Wall Coverings
This Company, a profitable division of a much larger company, needed current market information on the compensation levels for its management team as input to ongoing discussions with its parent company.  Comp-unications developed a market analysis and compared it with the analysis that had been provided by the parent company.
National Research Laboratory
The Laboratory needs to re-examine the existing pay levels and salary administration plans for employees in two areas:  Facilities Maintenance and Food Service.  One step in the process will involve conducting a custom wage survey of hotels and private clubs to obtain wage information.
Manufacturer of Imaging Equipment
Recent changes in the executive staff of a Company that manufacturers imaging and other equipment for various industries have resulted in a need to re-examine the compensation package of certain executives.  The project has involved an analysis of both published survey information and the proxies of publicly-held companies.
Health Insurance Company
Due to a recent merger, a Long Island Health Insurer is preparing for a change in its culture.  A portion of its workforce will now be unionized.  To prepare for this change, the Company engaged Comp-unications to reconstruct their existing pay ranges based on local market values.

Adhesive Tape Manufacturer
Developed a base pay system with a pay-for-skill component.  Pay-for-skill provides increased hourly pay for employees who improve their skills, thus becoming more productive.

Waste Management Company
Multiple projects:  One involving the development of a base pay plan for all employees and the other focusing on a sales incentive plan.

Metal Fabrication Company
Multiple projects: One involving a market study for selected benchmark jobs; and, the other the consolidation of over 60 job descriptions into less than 20.